Armed with a category “B” ISP license, the company is operating out of its Hyderabad headquarters serving Enterprise clientele & Home Broadband Customers acrossthe twin states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for the past 8 years and has been catering to their Voice , Data & Video applications. Managed by first generation entrepreneurs with strong ISP background and backed by experienced Engineers ,Zyetel operates through a network built on world class technology and unparallel infrastructure. The fully redundant backbone architecture enables us deliver high network uptimes and network availability. In the aftermath of changing technology world post Covid19 and in the new normal regime, Enterprises acknowledge and recognize that any new technology product proposed to be installed and integrated inhouse leads to a seamless hyper converged technological advantage to achieve efficient productivity with commercially viable pricing and sustained after sales service without compromising on the safety and security aspects. Zyetel bridges this niche by offering MSMEs stable, expandable, highly active and unified ICT infrastructure solutions that empower enterprise processes and re-shape the future . We help in designing , deploying and managing high-performanceICT infrastructure with a comprehensive, cost-effective and flexible packaged solutions , thus helping you run efficiently and optimize resources at all times.

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